We are so excited to celebrate with you, and your presence and friendship means everything to us! We by no means expect a gift, but if you would like to help with a few things we're interested in, we are registered at Zola and Crate & Barrel.

At Zola, you can read about our adventure funds. For our honeymoon, we're planning to go to Costa Rica, and we're looking forward to relaxing first, and then exploring different parts of the country! After the wedding, we hope to continue some of the activities we've enjoyed doing together as a couple, like skiing and ceramics. Also on Zola we've chosen some champagne flutes that are special to us because Georgia's parents received the matching wine glasses as a gift at their wedding in 1992. If you'd like to help with any of these, please visit...

Zola Wedding Registry

Here are a few things we've had our eye on from Crate & Barrel.

crate & barrel registry

If you prefer to give something in person, we will have a card drop and gift table at the reception.